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At AutoKeys247, we are committed to offering residents across the UK the highest quality and most reliable auto locksmith services on the market. AutoKeys247 is your online resource for replacement keys, car key programming, and automotive key accessories. From the latest smart keys to transponder keys, we’ve got you covered

Do you have a damaged car lock? Finding difficult to gain entry to your vehicle? Has some someone attempted to steal your car and damaged your lock in the process? Our auto locksmith services provide assistance with damaged car locks where ever you are in the UK. One of our technicians will assess and fix the source of the problem and whether you need a car lock repair or a car key replacement, our technicians can resolve the issue quickly and professionally, and as affordable as possible.

Getting locked out of your vehicle, even once, is too much to ask for. The worst part is that it always happens at the worst time. These days, high-tech keys such as proximity keys are a wonderful convenience and offer security that traditional keys just don’t have. However, they can still be lost and going back to your auto dealer can be extremely costly.  If you’re locked out your car, call one of our technicians for assistance. Once they arrive, it’ll only take around five or 10 minutes to get you back in and on the road again. If you have a more complex security system in your car then it may take a little longer, but either way, you can be sure of a quick, successful job done right.

If you’ve lost your car keys or broken them, or your car keys are damaged due to wear and tear, AutoKeys247 can offer immediate assistance with quick and affordable car key replacement services so you can get on the road again. Our auto locksmith services extend across the UK, and our professional network of technicians are fully capable of working with all makes, models, and years of vehicles regardless of whether your key has a smart chip built into it or not.

What is car key programming? Almost every car today has a high-tech key, which generally deters or prevents car theft. New car keys have advanced security features so that this sort of thing doesn’t occur. This sophisticated key has a special transponder chip that provides additional security and verification each time your car starts, meaning you cannot simply go to any old store and get a car key duplication.

If your transponder is not working properly, we can either attempt to repair the key or create a new one for you. To save you time and money, your old car key with its faulty transponder can help us make a new key for you.

If you’re looking for car key duplication, we can help you. Whether you want a copy for yourself or someone else, it is always smart to stay prepared and have a backup. At AutoKeys247, we have a network of professional technicians with a vast knowledge of car key duplication systems, as well as the tools for any car, model, and year.

Auto Locksmith services



    Auto Locksmith Services

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