Category: Key Fobs

One of the features of many modern cars these days is the remote start key fobs. They are a fantastic advancement of modern technology and can make life so much easier. Whether installed as a factory option or an aftermarket purchase, remote start key fobs allow drivers to start their car with the touch of a button on the remote control. Besides the most convenient feature, there are many benefits to having a remote start key fob.


One of the biggest benefits of a remote start key fob is the comfort of having a car that is warm or cool before you get in. Especially when living in a cold climate. By simply activating the remote start key fob, you can control the climate of your car before getting inside. This is especially helpful during wintertime to defrost the windows and stay warm, or even in summer when your car has been sitting in the sun all day. Because the car operates without the keys in the ignition or the driver present, most remote start key fobs include controls for locking, unlocking, and opening the boot.

Added Security

In addition to comfort, having a remote start key fob provides extra security. Once the engine is activated, the doors lock automatically, reducing the chance of anyone getting inside without an actual key. Additionally, warming your car before driving means it is easier to defrost windows, which offers better visibility, especially during the middle of a snowy winter in the UK. Another added security feature is that it reduces the chances of needing car lockout services since the car doesn’t lock if the keys are inside of it.

Engine Care

When it’s cold outside, driving without warming the engine up can be hard on the motor. With a remote start key fob, you can warm up the engine before going anywhere, which provides better lubrication throughout the motor. This warm-up period is especially beneficial for cars or trucks with diesel engines, but gas engines also benefit from this feature. Whether you are heading out for the day or going home from work, you simply push the start button on the remote control and warm the engine before driving.

Boosts Resale Value

If your car comes with a remote start key fob installed, it immediately increases the value of your car. People are generally aware of the many conveniences and comforts of having a remote start key fob, especially when living in extreme climate conditions, so they are willing to pay extra for those advantages.