Remote Keyless Entry

Remote Keyless Entry




    Remote keyless entry refers to a smart entry system that uses an electronic remote control that controls access to a vehicle. The remote acts as a car key and is activated either by a handheld device or a proximity sensor. Most of the time, the keyless entry system performs the functions of a standard car key. The only difference is that there is no physical contact. This sort of system can include both a remote keyless entry system, which unlocks the doors and a remote keyless ignition system, which starts the engine.

    Remote keyless entry systems contain a short-range radio transmitter and must be within a certain range of the car to work. When a button is pushed, it sends a coded signal by radio frequency to a receiver circuit in the car.  If the receiver recognizes the code, it locks or unlocks the door. Older car model systems, such as those found on Mercedes and BMW, used infrared systems instead of radio frequency to unlock the vehicle. However, since the mid-1990s, modern systems implement encryption and rotate entry codes to prevent auto theft, or anyone spoofing the signal. 

    The remote keyless entry system signals that it has either locked or unlocked the car. A typical setup on modern cars is to have the horn sound twice to indicate that the car has been unlocked, and sound once to indicate the car has been locked. This varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

    The functions of a remote keyless entry system can be found on the key fob or built into the ignition key handle itself. Buttons differ from model to model but are usually dedicated to locking or unlocking the doors, opening the boot, or controlling the headlights. More recent remote keyless fobs feature a red panic button that activates the car alarm. For further convenience, some engines with remote keyless ignition systems can be started by the push of a button.

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