What is a transponder car key

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Transponder Car Key

A transponder car key is a device that uses a microchip to transmit low-level signals which are read by a remote receiver. Each microchip is programmed with a unique serial number by the manufacturer. When the key is inserted, the remote receiver detects the correct serial number via a signal, by using radio frequency identification (RFID), and this unlocks, opens, and starts this car.

How does it work?

The transponder car key system consists of four components—the chipped key, the induction coil around the ignition, an immobilizer, and the car’s Engine Control Module. When the key is turned in the ignition cylinder, the induction coil transmits a radio signal absorbed by the microchip. The chip then sends a radio frequency with its unique identification code to the transponder circuit or ECM. If the ECM recognizes the code, the immobilizer will disable, and the engine can be started.

Why is a transponder car key more secure?

A transponder car key provides a high level of vehicle security and successfully protects cars from theft in two ways. If the car doesn’t detect the key’s microchip and unique serial number, it won’t start, which often deters and prevents car theft. Hot wiring and breaking the ignition lock becomes ineffective in this sense. Additionally, a transponder car key is difficult to duplicate, which is why using an Auto Locksmith to duplicate your car key or assist you with a spare key is a good choice.

Does it require a battery?

A transponder key does not involve any batteries, rather the embedded microchip and security system run on a low-level radiofrequency. This means you’ll never have to worry about the transponder car key battery dying suddenly, and being stranded on the side of the road or at work. The signal is activated only when the key is near the dashboard, or inserted and turned in the ignition cylinder.

What is I need a new key?

If your transponder key becomes damaged, is lost, or stops working, Auto Keys 247 can assist you. Over the years, transponder keys have become difficult to duplicate and involves a more complex process. Our team at Auto Keys 247 are experienced and fully equipped to cut and program your transponder car key to get you back on the road again safely. For some models and makes, if you have your original key, all we need to do is insert it in the cloning tool, along with a blank key, and the machine will detect your unique transponder codes and copies it onto the new key. If you don’t have an original key, that’s not a problem. Most transponders can be programmed without the original—all we need to do is reach out to the manufacturer with your vehicle’s ID number.